The blue book of hydrotherapy

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EHTTA with the support of the Routes of the spa towns of the Massif Central has just submitted a project within the framework of the European program entitled Sources of Culture: the Cafés of Europe. The proposal consists mainly in the conduct of 8 public debates broadcast on the internet and which will be held in the cities of Enghien-les-Bains, Spa, Royat-Chamalières, Ourense, Baden-Baden, Fiuggi, Acqui Terme and Bath.
The project also includes the creation of an open day called Celebration @ sources, the posting of an interactive novel Voyages aux Sources de l'Europe, as well as the organization of a series of events, exhibitions, meetings, etc. festivals whose visual and sound documentation should be kept by a Source Center installed at the Vichy media library. A Blue Book of Thermalism will report on the operations thus carried out and will have to make proposals intended to strengthen the cultural role of historic spa towns within the framework of the Europe 2020 outlook.

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