Identification of spa and wellness consumers

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A study commissioned by from the Raffour Interactif institute on the identification of well-being consumers has just been published in January 2013. Carried out in the field, in July and September 2012, this survey, carried out by interviews in face to face at home, was conducted using 1 representative questionnaires based on crossed quotas of the French population aged 900 and over. It answers two questions: Who are those who favor well-being (the study cites, without distinction, spa, thalasso, hydrotherapy, in all its aspects, and balneotherapy)? And how ?
She responds to the first by revealing that 69% of them are under 50 (i.e. a young clientele overweighted by 25% compared to their weight in the French population), 56% come from households composed of 3 people and more, half are workers, employees and intermediate professions and ¼ come from the Paris Basin. And explains the second by showing that they consume 1,4 types of care on average, women representing ¾ of multi-buyers. 26% of well-being treatments were taken with accommodation, and in almost ¾ of cases, during short stays of 1 to 4 nights. An increasing trend compared to previous studies since among the French who have used thalassotherapy during the last 24 months, 64% have done so during a stay with accommodation.

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