Gluten free cure

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Le Boulou (66), station of the Thermal Chain of the Sun, is launching for the new thermal season, from February 10 to December 6, 2014, a specific treatment in optional module. Specializing in the treatment of metabolic syndrome, overweight and diabetes, the center adds to the “digestive system and metabolism” treatment, a supplement not covered by Health Insurance aimed at managing the disease.gluten intolerance. Offering a multidisciplinary approach, the latter combines thermal treatments, specific monitoring and therapeutic education. Concretely, it includes: 9 relaxing thermal treatments, 3 abdominal gymnastics sessions followed by relaxation sessions, 1 free access to the vaporarium, 9 APA sessions (Adapted Physical Activity) to the fitness area, 1 "Gluten-free cooking" workshop », 1 round table« how to cope better with your illness », 1 dietetic conference on daily gluten, 2 dietetic consultations.
Also offered as a six-day mini-cure, it then consists of: 24 spa treatments of 4h / day, 1h of dietetic consultation, 1h of abdominal gym, 1h of individual therapeutic relaxation, 1 gluten-free cooking workshop (2h), 1 sophrology workshop (1h), 1 conference on gluten allergy (1h), 1 access to the fitness area.

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