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The scariest shark in cinema will be on display at the Oscars museum

An almost 8 meter long model made of fiberglass, weighing more than a
half ton, with jaws more than a meter and a half wide that terrified an entire generation of going swimming in the sea, does that mean anything to you? And if we give you his name "Bruce the Shark", do you have it ?!
Obviously, this is Steven Spielberg's unrivaled masterpiece so far, made in 1975, The Jaws.

The most famous shark, named after American director Bruce Ramer's lawyer, now hovers nine meters from the floor the 3e floor of Los Angeles Oscars Museum, which is due to open on April 30, 2021. This is the last version created for the shooting of the cult film which will therefore be visible to all fans of the 7e art that will visit the future museum designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano.

For the record, its jaws do not pass the doors of the museum elevator, it was necessary to pass the model through a window, using a crane. 

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