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Remains of a pirate disappeared at sea

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On board, sailors!

We are in 1717 when the three-master Whydah Gally is stormed by a band of English pirates. The Captain Samuel Bellamy, better known as "Black Sam", takes command. Renowned for his finesse and generosity, he was quickly nicknamed the "Prince of the Pirates".

A legendary shipwreck 

In April of that same year, Black Sam and his crew go missing at sea after a heavy storm, off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The black-flagged ship sinks, taking with it one of the most important treasures of piracy: 180 bags of gold and silver!

But according to legend, Black Sam reappears three years later, before being captured and then tried. A hypothesis today called into question by the discovery of six skeletons in the wreck of a boat that sank in 1717. Presumably a pirate ship ...

Well-preserved bones  

Has the legendary Samuel Bellamy been found? Nothing can yet say ... bones, discovered on February 16, 2021, 6 kilometers from the American East Coast, have been preserved in concretions. These amazing mineral structures form on the skeletons of sailors in contact with metal.

Could Black Sam have been trapped between two of his cannons during the storm? Or would it have sunk, buried under the gold and silver of its booty? The mystery remains intact ...

But where has the treasure gone?   

The Pirate Prince is known to have been one of the richest characters in the world of piracy. In 1984, long before the discovery of skeletons, Underwater archaeologist Barry Clifford finds much of Black Sam's fabulous treasure, buried under a thick layer of sand at a depth of 7 meters.

Gold coins, dueling pistols, cannons, anchors, terracotta sailors' pipes, the ship's bell and even pieces of clothing ... Today, all these riches no longer lie in Atlantic ocean floor, but to Whydah Pirate Museum, museum dedicated to the mythical ship and its legends.

More than three centuries after their disappearance, Black Sam and his ship have not finished talking about them. Hoist and oh, a thousand ports!

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