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Spas are going green!

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What if you could enjoy a bath in a jacuzzi at 38 ° C while preserving nature and the environment? It is now possible! The trend is now towards positive energy even in your hammam session.

Welcome to the spa, for a moment of relaxation and well-being ... The opportunity to think of nothing but yourself ... But a little voice invites itself into this moment of pause: and the planet in all that ?

Especially when you know that the jacuzzi in which you bask in consumes 1000 liters of water and 7500 watt-hours of energy ...

But good news: take advantage of a relaxation session having a clear conscience should be more and more possible. Some wellness centers have decided to go green ... and sometimes to become real energy factories. Now the planet can relax too!

Towards a lower environmental impact

The trend today is towards green awareness and ecological transition. And that, the spas also understood it. Combine well-being and the environment for a responsible relaxation ? This is the new motto spas eco-responsible.

To achieve this, several innovations are entering these establishments. Materials are becoming more responsible, like the organic cotton linen from plantations without fertilizers or pesticides. The lighting also with the use of LEDs. The water consumption wants to be, on the side, more reasoned. This is what the L'Occitane spa in Paris offers in particular.

Sometimes it's the infrastructure itself that takes a green turn: green roof, wood heating, solar panels and natural insulating materials. A policy adopted by La Grée des Landes, Eco hotel-spa in La Gacilly in Morbihan.

Even the care products go green! Made from organic ingredients from responsible agriculture and packaged in recycled packaging, increasingly natural and biodegradable… Like the cosmetics offered by Espace Weleda in Paris.

The spa hotel of tomorrow 

Some go even further and make respect for the environment a mantra. Of futuristic and totally eco-friendly spa hotels !

Head to Norway, where an establishment unlike any other will open its doors in 2022. Nestled in the heart of the Holandsfjorden, the Svart defines itself as the most ecological hotel in the world.


Entirely constructed from natural and biodegradable materials, it displays a 85% lower energy consumption than that of a classic hotel. And thus guarantees an almost zero impact on the environment and local biodiversity. In addition to offering, in its two spas, products grown locally and processed on site. A gesture for the penguins and polar bears of the Arctic Circle !

Situated in Denmark, the GSH Hotel is part of a similar process. Built with eco-responsible materials, the building is sustainable and in harmony with the environment. From floor to ceiling, including the treatments and dishes offered on the restaurant's menu, everything exudes ecology, organic and sustainability!


Green solution house


Recyclable wooden massage bench, face mask made from local mud and jacuzzi filled with rainwater: your next wellness session will no longer be at the expense of the planet.

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