Dr Nicolas Postel-Vinay | Tell me how you are connected, I will tell you which patient / client you are


"The hope of being in good health is shared by each individual and many start-ups offer “solutions” to owners of smartphones. There are thus over 200 e-health applications on the market. But quantity is not synonymous with quality. By focusing on the new possibilities offered by technology, the world of hydrotherapy must integrate the contextual differences between fitness, prevention and care. Thus the uses of the same sensor connected to a smartphone (scale, activity tracker, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor for example) are quite distinct depending on the age or state of health of the user. The first attempts to use new technologies in the medical environment are already delivering their lessons and helping to understand the digital medicine that is currently emerging. It is a lighting to be taken into account to better anticipate what will be the new digital hydrotherapy that must be anticipated and designed."

Dr Nicolas Postel-Vinay is a doctor in charge of therapeutic patient education and telemedicine at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital (Paris) and founder of the site.

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