Joël de Rosnay | Reconcile digital tools, human relations and “more-being”


Joël de Rosnay, biologist, prospectivist and writer. Doctor of Science, Advisor to the President of Universcience (Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de la Villette and Palais de la Découverte) and President of Biotics International.

Former researcher and teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the field of biology and informatics, he was successively Scientific Attaché at the French Embassy in the United States, Scientific Director at the European Society for Business Development (“Venture capital” company) and Director of Research Applications at the Institut Pasteur.

Writer, Joël de Rosnay is the author of several scientific works intended for a general public, including Le Macroscope (1975, Éditions du Seuil), The Symbiotic Man, Regard sur le Trois Millénaire (Seuil, 1995, Éditions du Seuil), "The revolt of the pronetariat" (2002, Fayard), 2020 the scenarios of the future "(2008, Fayard), And the Man created life: the crazy adventure of architects and tinkerers of the living, with Fabrice Papillon (2010, Éditions LLL), Surfer la Vie (2012, LLL editions), I seek to understand… the hidden codes of nature (2016, LLL editions).

His latest book The Symphony of Living: How Epigenetics Will Change Your Life was published by Éditions LLL in 2018.

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